The Debt Unpaid.
The one thing that haunts us is regret.

The mysterious history of Trium, the three islands, emerges again after so many years in the dark. As with every age, the mistakes of the past are repeated.

Our intrepid heroes:

Barwin, the quick tempered Alchemist – A level mind is needed for the most complex of formulae but when danger is afoot, Barwin speaks through his fury and sword.

Luc Gireux and Darwin, the Shadow-plagued Summoner and his Eidolon – Luc knows the dangers of the dark, being born amongst the tumultuous plane of Shadows. Freeing himself of the shadows, Luc applies his knowledge to the common folk of the land, preserving what good he can find.

Burkhard Urbanus, the adept corvid Ranger – Burkhard grew up among the Tengu, relying on strength and precision to survive. Among the peoples of Trium, however, he keeps quiet and offers his prowess to others, at a price.

Lissi, the wispy Sorcerer – Cunning and agile, Lissi has always craved adventure in one form or another, and after working her way into a simple excursion, finds herself in an ever-growing tale.

Van Pelt, the solid sword of the Guard (infrequent) – While life in a port city is always eventful, Van Pelt’s life became more exciting following the goblin raid on the city and his involvement with the party.

Star’krin, the songstress Cleric of Shelyn (retired)- The brave Star’krin had thought her years of violence were long behind her, dedicating herself to song and life, but adventure often upsets even the simplest of plans.

The Debt Unpaid